Good FPS Jungle, African themed maps?

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    Any good jungle, or African themed maps? I am looking for a map where I can conduct carrier operations, and beach landings with French forces. Is what I am going for. Thanks,

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    N'Ziwasogo is the first one that comes to mind.. @HeroesandvillainsOS might have better suggestions

  3. @SavageCDN Is that one decent on FPS? I wanted to try Tanoa but I feel that may be too FPS heavy with all the units on the ground.

  4. For carrier and beach? Hmm. I mean, Tanoa is excellent and probably better optimized than most community maps. Isla Duala is a neat map with some water, though I haven't tried the carrier on it to know whether there's enough water (mainly because I play withAI and AI can't really navigate on the carrier).

    N'Ziwasogo is amazing, probably my favorite of the bunch but I always have problems with it crashing, which is why I use Isla Duala for legit African ops. Bin Song Tanh and Prei Khmaoch Luong might be worth looking into but I doubt they'll have the water you need. Tanoa may be your best bet for the carrier but it's a tough sell for Africa.

  5. @HeroesandvillainsOS Right, if I was to use Tanoa, what factions best suit this kind of scenario as the enemy? I am still going to use the French as a main fighting force that is using carriers, and LCAC's to deliver equipment into the region. But being realistic, should I just Boko Haram or something along those lines?

  6. I was going to use the U.S.S. Nimitz. I dislike the U.S.S. Freedom.

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    Ah I see. The Nimitz is cool but I have very little experience with it.

    I mean, AuTigerGrad has an AMAZING Boko Haram/Islamic African Insurgent faction on Steam. He's AuburnAlumni on there.

    I guess that's assuming you feel Tanoa could pass for a place Boko Haram would occupy. Though some of his other factions in that pack may work well too. Syndikat could work as well but they are infantry only.

  8. @HeroesandvillainsOS Thanks, that should work just fine. Now if the AI actually had capability of landing and taking off on a carrier that would be great. lol

  9. Isla Duala is great but not very "green hellish"...more of an African Savannah style.

    N'Ziwasogo is great but older jungle assets.

    Tanoa would fit very well IMO because all of the towns are French named...many parts of Africa are predominantly French. You could consider Tanoa as part of an African island chain.

    Just my .02.

    Song Bin Tanh and the Thai map (won't attempt to spell that name lol) have Asian names so it may feel a bit out of whack.

  10. How is Alive Insurgency on Tanoa, with the indestructable buildings I mean...

  11. @AUTigerGrad That's what I was thinking as well.

  12. @Easy I have played Tanoa a few times, and I have only come across a few times where the enemy wouldn't die in a building from an airstrike. But overall it was easy to target and kill.

  13. @Easy Even though the buildings won't visually be destroyed, if you use a decent amount of explosives, the insurgent HQ's will be removed from the map. You can see this by revealing OPCOM Installations in the ALiVE menu options.

  14. @HeroesandvillainsOS Is this true? Hmm.. that's pretty much the only reason I didn't make a mission on Tanoa but if it works I'll give it a try.

  15. @Shadow60_66 @HeroesandvillainsOS Is this true? Hmm.. that's pretty much the only reason I didn't make a mission on Tanoa but if it works I'll give it a try.

    Yeah it's true. :)


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