Iron Front and RHS Issues.

  1. 11 months ago

    Hello everyone! I want to start off saying that I am new to this forum, and somewhat new to this mod. Sorry for any noob comments or questions in advance! I could not figure out how to post screenshots from my local drive. (Is this possible)? I have spent hours testing and looking on the forums for answers before posting. Now I am here, desperate.

    I am having several issues with this mod when trying to use non vanilla maps or factions. I experience errors when trying to use Iron Front or RHS american and Russian units. I also have issues creating alive missions on any map that is not Altis or Stratis.

    The setup I have been using to test is just the quickstart mission seen here . (I followed this step by step). Everything is blacklisted and TAOR'd the correct way as shown in this tutorial.
    I am using supported factions from here . The factions should be correct. I have also set all sides to be hostile to each other in the Editor attribute settings.

    -The first issue I am having is that the mod spawns in the Iron Front units but OPCOM issues them no orders. Using the exact same
    set up with vanilla factions on vanilla maps everything works fine. As soon as I use the exact same module setup then I have issues
    on iron front maps or with iron front units.

    -For RHS factions I has a slightly different problem. Most times I get errors for OPCOM saying that no units can be found for either
    side, or, the latest thing I get is "TACOM MESSAGE RECEIVED ["no groups available"]". I have no idea why this happens but it seems
    that the OPCOM does not issues orders even though units are spawned in.

    Am I missing some sort of patch or something obvious? I would really like to get the iron front maps and units working! Thanks in advance for your time and help!

  2. Iron Front factions are not currently ALiVE compatible from my understanding. One of the IFA devs is working on it. Gonna assume the map isn't either if we work under the presumption the same mission works on vanilla maps with vanilla factions. Regarding RHS, please take screenshots with your modules open (it's bound to the same key as F12 on my keyboard), place them on , and put the links back here.

  3. IFA units and maps do work (the 4 original IF ones - Baranow, Stasnow.. 2 more I can't recall. The I44 converted maps do not yet work with ALiVE) although the maps may need to be re-indexed.

    Make sure you test with LIB_RKKA and LIB_WEHRMACHT for the placement modules as they are the most 'complete' factions and include Infantry, Motorized, etc.

    If OPCOM is not issuing any orders to spawned groups make sure you have that OPCOM module synced to enemy placement modules.

    If you still can't get IF to work properly post your RPT file ( ) to and link back here. I'm out of town for a week starting today so I might not be able to get back to you quickly. There should be an IF demo mission somewhere around here but it might be out of date...

  4. FYI, some of the I44 maps do indeed work.

    I have an Iron Front + Faces of War campaign running on my clan's dedi set on I44 Neaville as we speak and its working great.

  5. I will not be at my computer for a few days (family decided to visit).

    I will look into posting the crash files and screen shots after the weekend (if I am still having issues).

    I was using the staszow map with German and Russian Iront Front units as suggested above.

    Also I triple checked that each AI commander was synched tot he other sides placements!

    Thanks for the answers and suggestions so far!

  6. Edited 11 months ago by gladergaming

    Ok, I was able to test some more.

    Iron Front still spawns AI units properly, vehicles and all. I see no OPCOM orders on the lower left, as usual. AI on either side will not move. Here are screenshots with some modules open and whatnot. This is on Staszow map with Germans vs Russians. I hear half track vehicles so everything spawns in okay. Also I used the blacklist and TAOR correctly but units ignore it when spawning.
    Here is a pastebin of the rpt file for this as well.

    RHS also spawns the correct units and vehicles like normal. For these, I even get OPCOM which tells me "no groups available." Here is a screenshot of what I see. I can cap more if needed as well.
    Here is the RPT file for an RHS issue I am having right now.
    This missions setup works 100% with vanilla factions but no RHS, which leaves me guessing the
    modules and mission setup are not the problem?

  7. You need to fill out the override faction line in the Military AI Commander module.

  8. @HeroesandvillainsOS You need to fill out the override faction line in the Military AI Commander module.

    I entered in the RHS faction into override as well. Is this correct? Or do I override the vanilla faction and spawn the RHS faction in the objective? (adding the rhs faction into the AI commander override got it to work, although OPCOM started off saying no groups available still).

    This did not work for the Iron front units. Still no opcom, though everything spawns in the correct way.

    Thanks so much for your help :)

  9. Can you post the screenshots of your RHS modules?

  10. @HeroesandvillainsOS Can you post the screenshots of your RHS modules?

    I have RHS working. Yall helped me fix that!

    I see the issue I have with Iron Front. I, myself the player, do not see orders from opcom unless I myslef the player am using vanilla units. This happens even though iron front units are battling it out. If I play as a wehrmact soldier i see nothing but if I play as vanilla nato then i see opcom orders. Does this have something to do with virtual AI?

    Everything else seems to be fine.

  11. Hmmm...that sounds odd I'm not sure if I've ever run into that before (not seeing OPCOM messages). What IF faction are you using for the player unit?


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