Does anyone have a good script for counting civilian kills?

  1. 11 months ago

    My guys are a little to... liberal with their ordinance shall we say, and the simple fact of civilians hating us doesn't seem to bother them too much, so I'm hoping someone already has a plug and play script that will count civ casualties caused by each person and allow me to punish them once they hit say 5 war crimes.

    At that point I might just teleport them off map to a rehabilitation facility.

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    I'd like to know as well. Had been thinking along the lines of using it as a device to spawn extra insurgent gear, like some technicals or a heavy weapons (mortar, SPG) team or two to model increased support/cooperation with the baddies.

  3. Tupolov

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    By default CIVS are considered friendly to side WEST, killing more than 2 CIVS should impact a player's rating where they are attacked by friendly AI.

    We could add something to civ pop module that shows CIV kills in a UI.

  4. That would be really great. This way I can tell my guys how much they suck at keeping CIVs alive!

  5. I'd prefer something that allows you to trigger a script so I can teleport the offending player to a "detainment centre". Unfortunately I think showing the number of civilian kills would just end up making it a scoreboard for some of my guys who don't quite get into the immersion side of things.

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    I guess you'll have to attach a "Killed" event handler to all units, check the side inside that EH and keep track of it that way.

  7. How about something that would pop up a notification to you as the leader of your unit to arrest the offending player and then you are responsible for transportation of that offender to the detainee area for processing.

    Our real players are a little too liberal with expending ammunition as well and I am keeping up with this question also. Great idea there @JD_Wang


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