Warroom Mission Replay is empty

  1. 6 years ago

    Hey guys,

    i have a problem with the warroom Mission replay. It seems to be empty, means i cant see any activity on it exclude the time and the message box (for things like player connected) in the right corner in the top.

  2. @Tupolov

  3. Tupolov

    3 Apr 2018 Administrator

    Yeah looking into it. Looks like it loads data, but not all the data...

  4. Some of the data is better than none of the data so you shouldn’t feel too bad :)

  5. Heck for years now I haven't been able to see the vast majority of our mission data in the replay portion of the map. Kills, persistence, vehicle stats, etc... would work but not the other stuff.

  6. @Tupolov thanks for fixing, donated to you


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