Capture Markers

  1. 3 months ago

    Is there anyway to stop the capture markers from disappearing? Altis is a big map and it's hard to know what belongs to who and what areas need to be taken.

  2. SpyderBlack723

    Sep 9 Moderator

    You can try enabling the military sector display

  3. 2 months ago
    Deleted 2 months ago by AngusDLX
  4. I did some testing modifying to the solid border at 30% opacity and it was much better to understand where my faction squads was present and the options I had to participate in the battle.

    The idea of these markers is to place them on each objective with the default red color and change to blue color ONLY if 1 BLUFOR profile is present in the area. This way, there is no type of "cheat" in knowing where enemies are or if they have invaded the area to attack.

    It's a way I found of not having to go in areas where OPCOM is acting. Plus, i still need the tablet to check some information.

    It was only a quick test mission that I did using triggers, markers, custom objectives and to be honest, I really liked the result, it improved the "communication" between ALiVE and Player.



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