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  1. 5 years ago

    Is there anyway to stop the capture markers from disappearing? Altis is a big map and it's hard to know what belongs to who and what areas need to be taken.

  2. You can try enabling the military sector display

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  4. I did some testing modifying to the solid border at 30% opacity and it was much better to understand where my faction squads was present and the options I had to participate in the battle.

    The idea of these markers is to place them on each objective with the default red color and change to blue color ONLY if 1 BLUFOR profile is present in the area. This way, there is no type of "cheat" in knowing where enemies are or if they have invaded the area to attack.

    It's a way I found of not having to go in areas where OPCOM is acting. Plus, i still need the tablet to check some information.

    It was only a quick test mission that I did using triggers, markers, custom objectives and to be honest, I really liked the result, it improved the "communication" between ALiVE and Player.


  5. AngusDLX, this is exactly what I've been looking for! Any chance you would be willing to share this test mission? I'm currently making a small mission for friends on PKL and we're often confused as to who has what.

  6. 4 years ago

    Can anyone please provide a way to do above? Since he didn't answer?

  7. Can I pay or donate to someone to help me get this done?

  8. He may not have received a notification since he wasn't the thread starter.

    @AngusDLX pinging Angus!

  9. It's not a direct replacement for the desired functionality, but does using the intel portion of the C2ISTAR tablet not solve this issue? You get a quick overview of where your forces are, where they might be moving, and where known enemy troops are.

  10. Quick yes, but for larger battles on big maps its not easy to keep up with.

  11. To be fair, reading through post trying to find an answer it's been requested many times in the forums.

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    I have my missions setup so that once a zone is captured by my blufor units, the map shows this (green circle marker same as seen in debug) and any suspected insurgency installations in that zone is also marked.

    This is accomplished by a setting in the virtual ai module, I believe (not at my 'puter right now to confirm module). I set intel to high in this module so the blufor markers show on map. You will also see limited intel of allied troops in your vicinity.

    Hope this helps!


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