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    So, I've tried for quite a while to make a proper Asymmetric warfare scenario for my group, but every single time I do, the IED module never seems to work the way I'd like it to. I DO have it synced to the Military AI commander. I'd like it to work with it being synced because, as far as I can tell when it is synced, IEDs are generated per the security situation and not randomly as it would be should I leave it synced.

    When I have it synced to the Military AI commander, though, only VBIEDs spawn. I never see a single normal IED or suicide bomber. I have messed around with extreme placement of insurgent forces, of OPCOM installations, and with extreme civilian hostility to the opposing side, all without results. VBIEDs always spawn in shortly after the mission starts, but no IEDs or suicide bombers do. I have tested this in single player by fast forwarding and also by testing far too many times to count in actual multiplayer games with the same result every single time. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

    I have tested this with every single mod I run in my missions (around 40); I have also disabled every mod besides CBA and ALiVE but the same results ensue. Nothing changes. I have also tried all the different settings that the Military IED module has, including simply placing the Military IED module down, syncing it, and not changing the settings at all and leaving the default values. It's very headache inducing and I'm wondering what I can do to fix this issue.

  2. I don't think you need to sync it. I use it and don't sync it. There is nothing quite like a civilian walking around and all of a sudden he starts beeping as he approaches you. I also came upon a randomly spawned civilian vehicle one time, and I did not clear the vehicle. I just thought I would jump in and use it with my small team. as soon as I got in the vehicle, the ied went off and killed me. I have not really seen people driving cars that are set to explode. But I have got that to happen using Spyder's addons. Using Spyder's addons really compliments alive very well, and can make things very dangerous

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    For the insurgency logic he needs to sync it to the Assymetric Commander’s module.

    Try debugging the Commander module and wait for IED objectives (they are written in red) to pop up on the map. You should see IED’s in these areas. Also, do not fast forward, it will break ALiVE’s scripts and is not a valid use (unfortunately) for testing. The fast forwarding alone might be the issue.

    Please test with just ALiVE and CBA for now.

  4. Like I said, I had done this in multiplayer already and I got the same results without fast forwarding: only VBIEDs spawn in quite soon after the mission is started but no actual placed IEDs or suicide bombers ever show up. I've also attempted doing it with only ALiVE and CBA, though I'll give that another go tomorrow and see what happens.

    I could always leave the module unsynced as that always works, but as far as I am aware they are placed randomly and they have no effect on the security situation if IEDs are destroyed or if factories are brought offline.

  5. A couple months back I was pretty convinced IED spawning in Asymmetric mode was broken. Although it can take quite some time for the IED markers in debug to start appearing after mission start, in my recent batch of testing they do and IED’s are placed. It does take awhile though.

    If you can make a vanilla mission where that is not the case, feel free to post it back here and I can take a peek when I get some Arma time.

  6. Around 30 or so minutes in and the line "15:37:57 ALiVE MIL IED reset for usage with OPCOM Insurgency!" pops up and is the only reference to any IEDs in the rpt file.

    Same result as before. I'm going to share the mission file and the RPT

    Here is the download

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    After you see that message do IED markers start appearing on the map? You really need to debug this if you want to figure out if they’re spawning or not, otherwise there’s no obvious way to tell that I have seen.

    Turn debug for the Insurgent AI Commander module (the debug option for the Commander module with the IED module synced to it) on.

  8. Yes, I have the debug turned on the Commander module. No IED markers pop up whatsoever. Actual IED Factories do, with the little red installation box, but I've yet to see an actual IED pop up.

    Turning on the actual Military IED module's debug only shows VBIEDs still, though I've read that this module's debug is rather useless when it is synced to the Commander module so I haven't really paid attention to that

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    Yeah it’s useless basically for this purpose. You only need to debug the Commander module. It was also brought to my attention you might need to be in the spawn distance of the objective for the IED marker to show up (can’t say I’ve seen it act that way myself but I’m not an expert on the way this was coded). So you may need to teleport a bit.

    What you are looking for, and remember this will take quite some time in my experience (possibly over an hour or more) is a red marker that says IED. Within that area IED’s will spawn.

    I will admit, the debug here is severely lacking IMO because in Asymmetric mode, the actual physical location of the actual IED’s don’t pop up like they do when unsynced. This makes testing this a total pain in the ass but I did it a couple months ago because I thought it was broken too.

  10. Oh also, I had a hell of a time getting IED’s to spawn on Stratis for whatever reason. It wasn’t until I was messing around on other maps that I personally had them spawn and gave up my testing on this (I have a mission on Kunduz on my Workshop that definitely spawns them). So I guess it’s possible maybe something could be causing them not to spawn on some maps, such as lack of roads or whatnot.

  11. If I'm allowed to, I'd like to go into your Kunduz mission and see what is different about it compared to mine and see if I can sort of reverse engineer that to get mine to work

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    Yeah feel free:

    PBO linked on the page.

    If for whatever reason you remain convinced IED’s are broken, feel free to bump this thread and I’ll poke the dev bears if needed.

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  14. Uploaded a mission with only vanilla stuff onto our dedicated server and, even then, after around two hours of uptime, still no dice. I am going to start to heavily consider just unsyncing the module because it works perfectly, but the feeling isnt the same since it has no impact on security levels. It's a shame I can't get this to work

  15. How are you determining it’s not working? Do you have the Asymmetric AI Commander module debugged while periodically looking at the map for “IED” objective markers?

  16. Yes and yes. AI Commander was set to asymmetric, debug was turned on, all vanilla assets / no mods besides ALiVE, CBA and AliveServer on the server itself; no IED markers popped up anywhere

  17. Have you tried teleporting to where the VBIEDs appear? In my tests vbied will show on the map witb debug regardless of your position, but IEDs which will be in the same sector only appear when there is a spawn source (player) around.

  18. I can confirm that insurgents do place IED’s when synced to the commander module. Although I did put initial hostility high and noticed that they would put down a VBIED and like BvB mentioned once I actually went to the village where the VBIED was there were about half a dozen IED’s scattered around the village.

    Although I do sometimes run into a glitch where civilians will point out IED’s but upon approaching the marker, no IED is to be found.

  19. AUTigerGrad

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    Insurgents absolutely place IEDs. I've seen IEDs, VBIEDs, and I have seen suicide bombers...however I will say that probably 90% of the suicide bombers (when synced to the Assymetric module) DO NOT detonate themselves. That's not the case when unsynced.

    In my last op on my dedi on Kunduz, there were tons of IEDs and VBIEDs on the map after a couple of nights of playing. As Heroes's a slow burn when synced. I do wish the Suicide bombers were more aggressive synced though.

  20. @AUTigerGrad however I will say that probably 90% of the suicide bombers (when synced to the Assymetric module) DO NOT detonate themselves. That's not the case when unsynced.

    I do believe that suicide bombers will only detonate if the civ is hostile. A lot of suicide bombers I came across who didn’t detonate did not have high hostility.

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