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  1. 3 years ago

    I'm having an issue with RHS and ALiVE. I'm attempting to recreate superpowers from arma 2 so i wanted the US to be invading Cherno against Russians. When i'm choosing factions, i set all of them to none and in the override faction box i type in the correct name from the supported factions forums. The issue is when i go into game it says TACOM Message Received: No groups available. Not sure whats going on but i'm hoping i get an answer

  2. Can you double-check and make sure you're using the correct faction name? Should be one of these:

    US Army (Woodland): rhs_faction_usarmy_wd
    US Army (Desert): rhs_faction_usarmy_d
    US Marines (Woodland): rhs_faction_usmc_wd
    US Marines (Desert): rhs_faction_usmc_d
    Russian Federation Troops: rhs_faction_msv
    Russian Motor Rifle Troops: rhs_faction_vdv

  3. I have tried copy and pasting those in to no avail. Should I reinstall rhs?

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    I would try and reinstall RHS and see if that helps. Make sure you have no spaces before or after the faction name, can sometimes be a sneaky way to mess you up.

  5. i reinstalled it. It still says no groups available

  6. Here is a very basic demo mission where the factions work 100% for me

    Try this, if it still doesn't work. I am not sure what to say.

  7. So is there a way to use more than one faction per side? eg. USmc & USarmy? vs rhs_faction_msv & rhs_faction_vdv?

  8. what is that mission called in the multiplayer menu. If its the zeus one, that doesn't help since i am not doing anything with zeus

  9. i tried alive on stratis this time and i realized that it doesn't spawn the factions but it will spawn the ambient vehicles

  10. updated to 0.3.6 and it still does the same shit

  11. You are placing the custom faction names in the placement modules as well as the AI Commander module?

    Also Spyder's demo should work regardless of Zeus being enabled. .did you try to play it?

  12. i did try playing spyders demo. it works. when im putting in the faction names (i'm using rhs_faction_usarmy_wd) 6I place them in the force faction for OPCOM as ell as the military and civilian placement. both of those then are synced to OPCOM. It still shows the same message "TACOM message received [No group available]B

  13. Hmm...can you try using this faction instead just to see if it works? I've personally only tested the Russian factions before.


    (this is an opfor faction you may have to change a few other settings)

  14. it almost worked. What i did was the occupation force to be VDV and invasion force to be blufor. Blufor spawns with no problem but the only thing that will spawn for vdv is the ambient vehicles. What the hell is going on?

  15. RHS Is all kinds of screwed up :/ I have been at the computer for days trying to get it running with Alive. I think because each side has been split into small separate factions no matter which one you use there will be something missing. No Helicopters for one faction, no infantry for another etc..

    I am completely in love with the models units & sounds & now cant go back to Vanilla Future Weaponry, Nostalgia strikes deep from Operation Flash Point.

  16. That is fucked up.. perhaps the last update changed some of the group configs which broke alive functionality? I should have some time this weekend to test...

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    Still works for me as of the latest RHS stable release. Are you using the dev build version of RHS?

  18. alright thanks. i won't be on my pc till sunday so whatever you find let me know

  19. Friznit

    28 Mar 2015 Administrator

    We have had to write a special static group fix just for RHS to work with ALiVE, because the RHS dev team will not use normal faction and group configs. If they change it, RHS will likely not work until we get around to updating it. Meanwhile you will have to manually map groupings using the format described on the ALiVE wiki.

  20. where would i find that in the wiki and how would i group them?

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