AliVE Asymmetric Questions.

  1. 4 years ago

    So after about 2-3 months of trying to get persistence to work, we finally got it. And after much observation and play, I have come with a list of questions regarding mission design and play.

    1.) What are all the ways to remove HQ's, Factories, Etc.?

    2.) Is the OPCOM attached to the objects themselves or the building? (As in, are we able to take all the crates out from a ammo depot and blow them up in a safe location and have it count towards removing that OPCOM?) So far, it shows that we MUST blow up the building for it to work.

    3.) How do we bribe the politicians and whatnot?

    4.) How do we design the map to where we want to be able to clear a town and have it stay cleared for a while? It seems everytime we start up the server (even after saving beforehand with the town cleared out) the enemies are right back. To make matters worse, for the past four days, ALiVE would spawn a fireteam/squad right behind friendlies and mow them down. Not realistic at all.

    5.) We noticed some vehicles won't go away even after deleting them and will reload (And promptly explode inside it's copy) when the map starts. How do we fix this?

    6.) Some people would see a advanced marker after a server reload while others won't. Those that don't can't have theirs seen either by those who can. Is this a bug or am I messing it up?

    7.) Can we reduce the amount of enemies on the map? We have several hundred groups to the North East town of Kunduz right now.

    8.) As with above, can we reduce the amount of OPCOMS per town? Seems each town has like 3+ ammo depots and 4 HQ's and several IED factories. Sometimes the factories double as ammo depots. I even seen entire compounds have all OPCOMs in a single compound. Makes intel useless because we know for sure each town has it. Feels like regular ALiVE but with the need to destroy stuff.


    I may have more questions in the future. I hope for a quick response and of course, great work on ALiVE thus far! I can really see potential (once I get all my questions answered and the problems fixed with hopeful solutions).

  2. 1 - Explosives or other forms of destruction

    2 - Good question I think it's the building itself but I could be wrong

    3 - Not possible (yet) - you can only speak to them and gather intel

    4 - Hard to say this could be due to multiple reasons. If you haven't completely cleared the town of CQB locations guys will spawn back when you leave the area and return again (or disconnect/reconnect). Could be you are not waiting long enough for either OPCOM to register what has happened and when you restart server it spawns the same groups back in. Might need some more info or a repro mission to troubleshoot further.

    5 - not sure what you mean here... you save and reset the server and when the mission starts vehicles explode? What do you mean when you say you are deleting the vehicles? In the editor?

    6 - not sure but if that is happening it does sound like a bug

    7 - is this a pre-done mission you've downloaded? If so you'll need to open it in the editor and adjust the placement modules to lower the number of AI groups

    8 - These types of improvements won't come before the 1.0 release of ALiVE - currently focus is on bug fixing and map indexing. Suggestions like this are good however so keep posting them!!

  3. 2 - Good question I think it's the building itself but I could be wrong

    99% sure it's the building.

  4. Friznit

    4 Jun 2015 Administrator

    It is! The objects are really just eye candy added afterwards but ALiVE needs to use the map object (building) to assign a location, so removing the building with enormous amounts of explosives is the way to go.

    4 - most likely CQB clusters spawning back in because they're not 100% cleared. If they're spawning on top of you, that's probably due to low server FPS causing script lag.

    5 - if you're running persistence, you can't simply delete a vehicle in the editor to make it go away: they're persisted so will be re-added. You need to physically remove them in game (large amounts of explosives works here too).

  5. large amounts of explosives works here too.

    Basically any question you ask, the answer is deal with it using large amounts of explosives.

  6. Friznit

    4 Jun 2015 Administrator

    This fixes most server issues too.

  7. @Friznit This fixes most server issues too.

    Large amounts of explosives?

  8. Friznit

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  9. 3 months ago

    I know this is an old post but

    3.) How do we bribe the politicians and whatnot?
    3 - Not possible (yet) - you can only speak to them and gather Intel

    Has this been implemented?

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  11. 2 days ago

    I am building an insurgency mission ATM, and have a few questions:

    1. If bribing isn't implemented, is there any way to reduce civ hostility?

    2. If all insurgents die, i.e. No green units on the map and no profiled green units, can the asym opcom still perform tasks like building installations? What I mean is can the insurgens rise again from this kind of defeat, or is the mission essentially over when all insurgents are defeated? Provided there aren't recruitment centres for civs to convert into insurgents.

    3. If civilian hostility is set to extreme, do the players still have a chance to gain intel from them or is it useless to even try?

    4. How does the asym commander decide where to place ambushes? Can players be ambushed, for example when patrolling a main road? Is an ambush significantly different from just stumbling upon enemies on the route?

    5. To add to the previous question, does the asym commander steer the AI groups differently than "normal" commanders? What I mean is when asym groups get into combat, do they try to retreat if the enemy is too strong for them? Do they perform hit & run attacks or raids on occupied towns, or do they just assault objectives normally?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer!


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