[Bug] No Recording with ACE (Fixed in Dev)

  1. 8 years ago

    When ACE Advance Medical Moducal is activ , no ai kills will been recorded in the war room.

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    This is due to the way ACE handles damage I believe, not sure if there is a way around it.

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    i thought you will write this, maybe if you ask for objects with a stance?
    like if "soldier one" is stance "prone" then record shot ?

  4. Actually I have good news: it's not the medical module. There's a setting within it called "prevent insta-death". Toggling that off will avoid this bug (script damage kills not reporting a killer).

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    Good catch

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    Bad news for us because we often play ->ace3 ->without instant death. So this is not fixable in a short term? Should i open a ticket @ ace?

  7. I could be wrong but I think one is already open, or was.

  8. @SpyderBlack723 thx :D

    I believe they have it somewhat covered by this issue: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/1848 . Honestly it's worth trying with it turned off @Numrollen . With the latest Arma and ACE patches, I actually find players can take more damage than you'd expect.

  9. Newest ace patch: Replaced isAlive function with alive command (#2622)
    will this help? Im not a coder, so... :P

  10. The best way to help without writing code is testing :D I'm doubting it was addressed in this release, but it's worth checking. One test to avoid: using an explosive to suicide. Frag damage has the issue described above, and doesn't report a killer.

  11. My kill count started working after removing the ace revive module and disabling instant death in medical.

  12. @Numrollen Newest ace patch: Replaced isAlive function with alive command (#2622)
    will this help? Im not a coder, so... :P

    Practically no difference between that function and the command. Just another file to have in the mod, so that's why they decided to remove the function and just stick with the command.

  13. Ok thx. We disable now "ai can get unconscious". So hope this help us ;)

  14. We noticed the same thing on ACE-enabled mission. It seems that if AI go unconscious (a medical module setting), when they finally die after the timeout expires, the death is self-attributed—you may notice the self-kills in the debriefing screens. As Numrollen said, disabling that feature should give you what you want.

  15. Any news with this bug?

  16. ^ I don't think this is anything that can be fixed by the ALiVE team

  17. Friznit

    27 Jan 2016 Administrator

    We have no other options but to use Killed EH really. If scripted damage/death addons prevents that working, there's not a lot we can do from our side. It appears to break SWEC too.

  18. Tupolov

    30 Mar 2016 Administrator

    I've put a fix in for the next release of ALiVE

  19. Yay! so with ACE advanced medical active, kills should now report to War-Room? Awesome!

  20. Edited 8 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    It's not perfect, but better than before.

    Edit: Now it's perfect :)

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