Damn those Zombies and Demons

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    So whats the deal with these Zombies and Demons mod? Do they work with alive by default?(Sure you've heard of them as I saw them on these forums) Or if not, wondering if anyone ever wrote mappings for them or if I'm just fucking up their classnames. Any insight or help would be appreciated.

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    Arjay wrote mappings awhile ago so they should work with ALIVE by default as long as the author(s) haven't changed faction names.

    I can't lookup the faction names right now but if you spawn in a zombie in the editor and set it to player, in game you can pause the game and run (copyToClipboard faction player) and you should have the faction name copied to your clipboard

  3. Ooooohhshit! Really? I always thought their AI would get screwed up by the OPCOM.
    Plus the way the spawners work I didn't think there would be a need, but now I want to try.

    Damnit and I thought I was done with ARMA for the night :P

  4. I don't think he's changed the names. Any way I can get those mappings? And also thanks for that tip, very helpful.

  5. Well I've got them to spawn using "Ryanzombiesfactionopfor" but they come running for a bit and then just stop and stand still doing nothing.

  6. They have a wierd AI, if you stand near them they will go after you, I have tweaked their settings using some of the modules as well as used the military ai skill module to give them farther detection range.

  7. I've just filled Pyrgos with civilians using the ALiVE module, then sent 3 demons into the town using a search and destroy waypoint. I've turned on feeding and infection and waiting to see how quickly they infect the whole town.

    So far it seems like they have issues with units on balconies. A demon and Zombie stood staring at one guy on a balcony for ages until I moved him down and then they went nuts on him

  8. Friznit

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    Faction Mappings:


    If you can update them and submit a Pull Request that'd be grand :)

  9. New on the forums, apologies, what exactly do you mean update and pull request Friznit? But thank you for the mappings.

  10. Friznit

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    ALiVE is Open Source, so you can make a branch of the master code on github, update the faction mappings in static data to whatever they need to be to work and then submit a Pull Request to merge it back into the Master code. Github's wiki guide has more info on Pull Requests and how to do it.

    ALiVE static faction mappings are only required if the unit mod doesn't follow default BIS group naming conventions, which I am assuming is the case here.

  11. If your zombies are standing still you can use the roaming module that comes with zombies.
    So do they work with the CQB module also?

  12. OMG, Becky. I have never even thought about doing that.
    My unit is currently running a series of missions in a Zombieland campaign, in the vein of 28 days later.

    If I could get Ryan's Zombies working with Alive, to make a small outbreak that propagates based on the direction of the Zombie OpCom? Holy shit that would be awesome!

  13. Yes it should work with CQB as well

  14. New here, signed up to ask about this subject in particular. I tried forcing the faction with Ryanzombiesfactionopfor in a CQB, Military Civ obj, and Civilian placement modules. However no zombies spawned. My hope is to have OPFOR occupy the military objectives, with zombies occupying the towns and civilian objectives. Could someone layout the procedure needed to make this happen? Thanks in advance

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