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  1. last year

    Hi all

    Any idea if anyone is indexing the Lythium map for ALiVE as it's looking like an excellent map for taliban/iss type scenarios.

    I have looked at the wiki regarding indexing and it's way over my head so out of the running.

    Looking forward to being able to use this map with ALiVE missions and campaigns.

  2. I'm having issues indexing it. Tried for several hours the last few nights. Not sure what's going on with it. I've asked for some backup so hopefully it will be indexed soon, but no promises.

  3. Yeah, we are all chomping at the bit for this one. Did a thorough walk through of the entire map and it surpasses FATA and Sangin as the most polished, well built Middle Eastern Map for ARMA now IMO.

    The terrain includes several made from scratch buildings, etc. and it's a gorgeous layout.

    If Clafghan and FATA had a would look like Lythium.

    A thousand blessings to anyone who can get this bad boy indexed.

  4. I really hope they remove the big ACE3 billboard though, because other than things like that it really does look great

  5. Clafghan <-> Fata love child? Will have to check this out!!

  6. It's brilliant @SavageCDN Probably the most detailed map I've ever seen. I have a mission all built waiting for the next release so I can put ALiVE modules on it. Hopefully it runs ok. With that much love I have to honestly wonder.

  7. i downloaded Lythium before it became the most downloaded on steam and i gotta say its got a perfect mixture of mountains, small villages, and big towns. Even the buildings and structures are completely destructible. I want to index it but every tutorial i read don't make it understandable for your average Joe.

  8. It's been indexed for next release.

  9. when will that be?

  10. soon™

  11. Has anyone tested the index with Civilian spawning?

    No one could get civs to spawn properly on Diyala until it changed from using JBAD buildings to CUP, with Lythium using JBAD I was just concerned we'd have the same issue.

  12. It's nowhere near as bad as Diyala was prior to the change. However, with no filters and extreme it is noticeably more sparse than you would see with the same settings in Diyala, towns on Altis, etc., presumably because of those buildings. There's a few areas where the problem buildings are more prevalent with few/no civvies.

    That said, seeing it as Diayala is now would be... amazing! :)

  13. 11 months ago

    So after a couple of weeks running our latest ALiVE mission I'm at the point where I think I can safely say ALiVE missions + JBAD dependable maps, do not an amazing Insurgency make.

    Don't get me wrong we're having fun and the mission we're running is great fun (if I do say so myself) but there is a distinct lack of civilians. They're there, just not in the number you see from the likes of Takistan (which I still hold to be the #1 undisputed Insurgency map for ALiVE)

    I hope at some stage they ditch JBAD and move to CUP for their buildings. It's a shame to see such an incredible map yet to fulfill it's potential.

  14. Edited 11 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    @JD_Wang aside from civ spawns, are you guys having any other difficulties with an insurgency on the map? I'm reading various reports on AI shooting though objects, doors that can't open, buildings that can't be destroyed, etc. I've played it a bit, but the map is so huge there is so much I haven't seen yet.

    + 1 on Takistan btw. Still the king for looks + overall functionality.

  15. The custom buildings made by FFAA are indestructible.

    ALiVE doesn't recognize the FFAA buildings either...AI doesn't go inside them, installations don't spawn inside them (I've seen ONE installation in a custom building...with no AI inside..and we couldn't destroy it because the building was indestructible.)

    There are some issues with doors opening, and some walls that players can walk through...but the door thing is already a known JBAD issue and the other I'll chalk up to first version of a new map.

    Combine that with the previously discussed lack of Civs with JBAD buildings and it definitely hinders what is BY FAR the best looking Middle Eastern style map in ARMA to date. But it still was an awesome campaign we just ran on it.

  16. Edited 11 months ago by JD_Wang

    We've found walls that players can walk though, although strangely enough not shoot through. Bullet proof windows (not shattering etc) and as mentioned just not enough civilians to make a decent insurgency.

    Still as AUTigerGrad says it's a great map, and one of the best looking. If I was to get really picky I kind of wish there were a few less prebuilt FOB's around the area, and it would be great if it had built up area (similar to that around the southern airfield) somewhere central. I always like to have a "Feruz Abad" style area as a hotbed for insurgents. I'll definitely be going back and making some non persistent more objective based missions for my guys on Lythium though.

    It's a shame because I'm getting to the stage where if I want to create a really good, long term insurgency I'm almost limiting myself to Takistan or Altis (and Altis is almost too big). Those are the only 2 maps I can think of with 100% enterable and destructible buildings (which is where maps like Tanoa and Sahrani come up short), solid performance (which is where Sangin loses out) and a good variety of town sizes (which is where all the G.O.S maps like Gunkizli fall a little short)

    I almost wish instead of Malden, that BI had chosen to make a Takistan 2.0

    Just as an aside, how is Diyala now that it's swapped to CUP, I remember reading that the civilian spawns are much better. Would you say it's now ready to go for a 16 man insurgency?

  17. We're on Diyala now and it's awesome. Tons of Civs everywhere too.

  18. Edited 11 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    Diyala for me is not going well. I have this terrible un-playable micro-stutter that happens every 2-3 seconds when moving around even with just a "vanilla" ALiVE setup.

    It's driving me nuts honestly.

    It's also happening on Chernarus (but not Chernarus Isles for some reason!), Sahrani and sadly, Sangin.

    No other maps are effected that I've tested so far. And I have no clue what's going on. I'm to the point where I think it might be PC related, but then why would the same mission copy/pasted to let's say, Altis, not stutter?

    It's killing my buzz. :(

  19. We get zero stutter on Diyala. It's smooth as butter, even with tons of groups spawned in.

  20. Edited 11 months ago by HeroesandvillainsOS

    I'm at the end of my rope with it, honestly. Just ask the ALiVE devs, they've heard me bitch enough about it lol (though one bug was fixed by HH in the process so I guess something good came out of it :) ).

    I honestly have no idea what to do. Every few seconds, even off map, it stutters on these maps. I've done everything I can possibly think of on my end to resolve it. A couple weeks ago I went back through over a year's worth of CBA releases thinking that might be the culprit and it was still there for all versions, on all maps with the stutter.

    I know it's not ALiVE related either, because I have the same problems playing the Chernarus version of the mission Pilgrimage (the Altis version has no stutter! Lol). Though I do believe ALiVE calls whatever function that can make the stutter happen. For instance, on my Sangin mission with ALiVE, oddly, I can make the stutter stop by removing all CS modules (WTF?). But on other maps such as Diyala, the presence of CS makes no difference. Makes me think some engine function is borked in some way, but surly I wouldn't be the only one with problems.

    I've pretty much resigned myself at this point to just not use those maps and hold out hope someone smarter than me will see it too and publicly ask about it and solve it. I saw one post about this on the "DayZero" workshop thread dated May 28th but he had no replies. :(

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