Laws of War faction IDAP

  1. 11 months ago

    Any clues on how we can make them function appropriately?

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    Assuming this is the humanitarian aid based faction and not a traditional army then, yeah? The how would rely on a lot of coding and tapping into systems. If this is what I think it is then this is gonna take TIME and dev interest. Just a friendly reminder ALiVE is now open source if anyone wants to lend their talents to the dev team.

  3. ^^^ Also, it should be noted, that I've heard NOTHING about any new gameplay systems that would encourage or penalize humanitarian actions. Without something like this, the DLC is essentially for role play only, and that would mean a new system would need to be conceptualized and written and THAT would be a very ambitious undertaking. Fingers crossed BI actually gave us some systems but I haven't read anything about anything like that at this stage.

  4. Friznit

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    Humanitarian aid rather depends on the civilians wanting to receive it (and being able to, technically speaking). Unless there's a significant rework of Civ AI in the DLC, I don't see how this is going to add much.

  5. I really like the idea of humanitarian/hearts and minds missions with ALiVE so I'm hoping there's one or 2 things we can use. Like Heros I really hope there's some sort of systems there that we don't know about. Even a simple punishment system for civilian casualties would be great.

    One thing I've been thinking about for a while, and might actually try and get to work in my next mission for our group is "building wells". There's a couple of assets in CUP (maybe even in vanilla) I think that represent a well or some sort of water source.

    The idea is that the players can really drop civilian hostility in an area by building a well. I'm thinking maybe I add an action to a truck that runs a script. The script checks to see if we're within range of a town, then makes sure there's no wells nearby (to prevent spamming) if that's all good then the progress bar fills up and after x amount of time it spawns a well on the ground by the truck, and reduces tension in the area.

    Combine something like this with delivering supplies and clearing IED's/Minefields and I think you'd have a good basis for a hearts and minds style mission.

    Now what would make that even better would be if we had more ways to tell the civilians mood towards us. Imagine driving into town and a couple of friendly civilians wave at you as you drive by, or shouting at you because they just want you to leave.

    I really wish I knew how to code properly :P

  6. Tupolov

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    Some good ideas. It should be reasonably straightforward to add in code that reduces civ hostility based on:

    1. IED disarm
    2. Building a fortification / well / something
    3. Placing an AI group in the village on patrol
    4. Clearing CQB positions
    5. Destroying roadblocks (needs a destruct/delete mechanic)
    6. Positive civilian interaction (where is Spyder's addon!?)


    1. Picking up anti-personnel mines
    2. Removing UXO
    3. IDAP resupply of assets in village/town
    4. IDAP personnel placed in village/town
    5. Establish IDAP medical tents.
    6. Dropping friendly leaflets
    7. Displays of force (low flight over civ areas with enemy presence)

    Increasing civ hostility:

    1. Killing civs
    2. Destroying civ buildings
    3. Negative civ interaction
    4. Insurgent installation established in area
    5. IED / Roadblocks


    1. Removal of IDAP assets
    2. Destruction of medical tents
    3. Killing IDAP folks
    4. Dropping cluster bombs near civs
    5. Enemy OPCOM dropping leaflets

    As for Civ behaviour - the civ pop system today very much supports managing their behaviour, so its not a stretch to do the following:

    Civ hostility low:

    1. Crowds / Individuals exit buildings to welcome player groups as they approach town, with anims to wave, salute - might need some ambient crowd sounds such as cheering, clapping etc.
    2. Individuals offer intel on enemy.
    3. Civs spend more time outside
    4. Civs form groups outside conversing
    5. Civs request players to attack enemy positions/groups etc

    Civ hostility high:

    1. Civs throwing stones.
    2. Civs jeering.
    3. Civs staying in houses
    4. Civs avoiding friendlies
    5. No intel
    6. Civs share player positions with enemy / call for enemy to attack

    Just need a developer to pick this up! ;)

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :) Yum. Very tasty. I love it.

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    I love it! It would make insurgency missions feel so much more alive ;) to see civs reacting to your presence like that.

    For clarification everything you put before saying "new" is already in the mod right?

  9. Oh one more thing I'd really like to see when it comes to civilians, there was talk about making them persist, ie when you enter a town you might come across a civ name Abu Nazir, when you come back to that town there will still be the same Abu Nazir there unless he's been shwacked.

    Being able to have a civilian you "know" in the town would be amazing, and certainly would help players see the civs as more than just collateral damage.

    Has there been any progress with this?

  10. 10 months ago

    I tried to persist civilian names awhile back and the command to set a name was very buggy, often not working at all.


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