Pylon settings reset when ALiVE spawns the vehicle

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Aircraft with customizable pylon setups do not keep their configuration when ALiVE Spawns the vehicle, is there a way to make the settings persistent through respawns?

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    Are you asking about Combat Support vehicles?

  3. Vehicles in general, if i place an f/a 18 and change its pylon setup in the editor and make it virtualized by ALiVE it won't keep the setup when i start the mission, i'm guessing it's because ALiVE spawns its own aircraft in place of the one i placed in the editor.

  4. last week


    Oct 3 Moderator

    Correct it will spawn a new one

  5. Is there some way to change the loadout of the vehicles spawned by alive then?

  6. SavageCDN

    Oct 3 Moderator

    This is probably what you are looking for... you can add custom inits for spawned units

  7. Friznit

    Oct 3 Administrator

    I'll stick a ticket on the backlog for this. Would be nice if Combat Support (and MACC) aircraft retained pylon loadouts.

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    Thank you!
    Yes, please add that, that would be amazing!

  9. I've had a look at that script but as far as i can tell it's for changing the loadout of everything of the same class and i couldn't really get it to work with the RHS Su-25's, probably because i'm a scrub at scripting. But i had an idea, would it be possible to change the loadout of a specific plane with a trigger? If i place the trigger over where i spawn the plane?

  10. Haven't looked too much into the jets pylon stuff...but if there is a script for changing loadout, yes a trigger should work.


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