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    Hi, just (finally!) installed ARMA 3 and immediately looked to port my pet project "Lost/Apocalypse" into ARMA 3, and lo and behold, I find that you guys have pretty much done it! Bravo and a superb job!! Some questions however..

    1. I am using your Altis Insurgency demo mission and have started tweaking it. I am curious how an Assymetrical OPCOM (OPFOR) replaces casualties. The demo mission doesn't have a Military Logistics module sync'ed to it. Does it need it? I just want to make sure the OPFOR command will have the ability to replace casualties. Does it do it via spawning from civilians?

    2. Are the OPCOMs able to be defeated, technically? What makes the OPCOM stop fighting? As I see it, these demo missions don't have a way of ending in victory, or else I'm just missing it? Is there some variable I can check that I can trigger a mission win with?

    3. Finally, I am using the TRACE feature. How exactly does this work. It seems I just need to search houses in the areas for the red squares to turn green. Is there logic that turns them back red? I know its not supposed to be an INTEL gathering tool, but its not useful if enemy can come in after me and the area still shows green.

    Thanks again for the excellent work. I'm sure I'll have more questions but these are the ones that jumped out at me.

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    Hi Mark,

    Loved your A2 missions (Lost). I'll try to answer your questions:

    1 - ML module is not required for the Asym Commander (EDITED)

    Yes the commander will recruit from civilian ranks.. see this wiki link for a good overview of Asym mode:

    2 - ALiVE doesn't really have an end mission function... that part is up to the mission maker.

    3 - If I'm not mistaken the trace feature might be removed in future versions (some issue with persistence IIRC)

  3. 1. Thanks, yeah I've been looking through the Wiki. It just doesn't specifically describe how the civilians are converted to insurgents. Will civilians if set to extreme hostility actually ever pickup a weapon and start shooting at me or will they just re-spawn as insurgent?

  4. They will pickup weapons (they will move to a 'rebel' weapons depot and pickup supplies.. . same with IEDs and suicide vests)... no deleting and re-spawning the unit.

  5. Sorry in my original post I said that the Asym commander used ML module - this is incorrect there is no logistics module required for Asym

  6. Friznit

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    Have to correct you Savage (sorry)! AI Commander in Assymetric mode does not use the Military Logistics supply chain. Insurgents are recruited from the civilian population.

    From the wiki:

    Military Logistics will not work with Asymmetric AI Commander. Insurgents recruit from within the civilian population and do not have a conventional military logistics infrastructure. To slow down the rate at which insurgency spreads, increase the population threshold before recruitment centres are established in the Military AI Commander module.

  7. If you fed and watered me more often I'd give more accurate answers :)

  8. Thanks for the follow up

    New question. I have the opfor AI commander in asymmetric. I set the force size to 30 on the mil and CIA placement Each.But when I debug the ai virtual module it shows hundreds of red profiles around the map. Well over 500. Shouldn't there only be 10-20 profiled opfor groups around? Seems way too many opfor are being profiled. I have random camps set to true. Does that add to the spawns?

  9. Yes random camps will add to the spawns... might explain the extra groups although over 500 sounds high. If you like post your RPT file to pastebin and link back here for us to look at.

  10. ^^^ Reducing the random camps will help.

    Bare in mind, regardless of your spawn setting, the AO size will have a lot to do with the amount of spawns. Each objective needs to be manned. So larger maps will have more spawns with the same settings as smaller maps.

    If it’s still too much after the random camp change, either increase the filtering on your obj modules, make the AO smaller, or just manually place the groups and virtualize them yourself (default setting is to virtualize all synced units, so if that’s what you use, sync the group leader to the Virtual AI module).

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    You can beat down an OPCOM to a level where they will toss everything they have at your forces to kill you. Then if you beat that they will significantly slow down to the point where you have effectively beaten them into submission if you are running them set as occupation or invasion. I don't know about Assymetric as we haven't done many of those missions.

    The way I understand TRACE is it is more along the lines of an intelligence gathering system that you can set to update every so often (in minutes). It is more of a tool to use rather than a function of what you have done. While it shows green that means you have eliminated the threats that were there but depending on how you have the OPCOM set they can and will return to the area in an attempt to retake/clear it of you and your forces.

    As for the profiles all over the map many of those are virtualized. Those profiles are not able to be seen until you go drop in either as Zeus or as a player. Go take a look at the link here to see what it means; it is a really well written description on profiled and the Active Limiter.
    Virtual AI System Wiki page


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