How I use Combat Support for more than it was designed

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    It's quite possible that plenty of people already do this and I just haven't read the forum thread, but I wanted to share this.

    I use Combat Support, specifically the Transport Type, for more than it was probably designed for.

    A. The obvious first one is vehicle transport. I normally have an array of CS_Type "Transport" modules on my missions; a light/fast land vehicle, a large-troop carrying transport, and an armoured vehicle like a tank. I use the Move order to get them places and set the ROE to Engage at Will once they arrive at the location.

    B. I also use the CS Transport module for rearming, refuelling and repairing my vehicles out in the AO. I use classname HEMITTs and use the same Move order to get them to location, then use them as I need and order them RTB when I'm done.

    The reason I do this is because the Logistics 'Convoy' Type sometimes doesn't work, even though it would be the better function to use, because I could include an armoured escort for vulnerable units, like the HEMITTs.

    The other issue (although it is cosmetic) with this is, every time I order a land CS Transport to move, the radio command calls "requesting Air Lift at..." It's minor, but it doesn't make sense, cos I'm requesting a land unit (I know the air lift radio is hard-coded, because the Transport option is designed for air units).

    Combat Support improvement suggestion

    If you are looking to build on the Combat Support module, I was thinking you could:

    1. add a drop-down list to the module which specifies whether the Transport unit is 'Land' or 'Air'

    Then the radio part could call correctly, plus the land unit could do some things the air units can't (eg: reverse out of a tight spot at the module placement point; currently, any land unit used as CS Transport, can only move forward out of it's "base" position, meaning it is unable to use reverse).

    2. Add 'Rearm/Refuel/Repair' CS_Type with additional 'Escort' options

    This would be a lot of new code, but I think a lot of it would just be duplicate of the existing Transport CS_Type.

    This could be used for HEMITT type vehicle resupply whilst in the AO (like my example above). Because of that unit types vulnerability, It would be cool to include an armoured escort for this CS_Type.
    In the module, you could add some additional form fills, to include:

    Escort required (for R/R/R type only): Yes/No
    Escort units (Max: 3): classname,classname,classname

    The code would need to make the 'Escort' units follow the Move order given by the player, and place place the 'Rearm/Refuel/Resupply' unit in the middle of the escort.

    Another obstacle for this would be the 'Escort' unit placement. The CS module works well because it only ever places a single unit, but this theoretical CS_Type could place 4 units on the map. This could be resolved with an Alive-specific Marker variable name though (like ALiVE_CS_Escort_BLU_F or whatever); the escort units would spawn there.

  2. @marceldev89 - thoughts?

  3. 8 months ago

    I'll have to give this a shot! Pretty cool ideas! I'm still new enough to the mod that I haven't had much time to play around with it. I'm still learning my ABC's, so I doubt I'll be doing this sort of thing for a while unfortunately.

    Definitely added to the bookmarks for sure!

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    @doubleDizz create a feature request at for both your suggestions and someone will make a decision and possible work on it. :P

    The escorts one would be nice but it's probably not feasible with how A3 handles convoys.

  5. I believe CS belongs to @marceldev89 ....

  6. I also wish that when an order/message/etc was popped up on the bottom left such as when requesting a helo/receiving a mission it would play some inaudible radio chatter. I think Arma has such a sound effect available in the defaults.

  7. 7 months ago
    probably not feasible with how A3 handles convoys.

    The first 10 mins or so of this video

    shows the best way to set up a convoy so it's fairly reliable. In fact I think at no point during testing does his convoy screw up.

    Worth a watch

  8. Hello!
    I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to ask, so sorry in advance! :-) I want to use the cas modules by triggers. So for example, I destroy obj_1, so I get heli-transport, I destroy obj_2 so I get artillery and so on. Question is, how do I synchronize the support sub-module to the player combat module by a trigger?
    Normaly I used: " module_1 synchronizeObjectsAdd [module_2]; " which worked in eden, but for the AliVE-Modules it doesn't seem to work.
    Thanks for your help!!!

  9. I'm still struggeling... If the tranport module is not synchronized from the beginning, it doesn't spawn on the map. So that's why I can't sync it in game via a trigger?! How can I force it to spawn, even it is not synchronized (yet)? Please, someone give me a hint, thank you!


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