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    I'm having trouble getting rid of all of the units with AA launchers in my mission. I'm using the example in the wiki from the AS Alamo mission. I also wanted to remove APCs and Tanks and I seem to have been successful in that, so I don't know what I'm missing for these AA infantry.

    Here is my blacklist code. Is there anything obvious that I'm missing? I tried to bold the relevant ones, but that didn't work - so they have a [b] around them.

     * CQB unit blacklist
    [b]	"O_static_AA_F",
     * Mil placement / Ambient civilians / Mil logistics vehicle blacklist
     * Mil placement / Ambient civilians / Mil logistics vehicle blacklist
     * Mil placement group blacklist
  2. I can't see anything obvious in your lists... any chance you can post your server RPT to pastebin and link back here?

  3. Thank you for taking the time to look, I really appreciate it. My whole rpt was too long so I just did the alive part. If you need the first part I can do another pastebin.


  4. Hmmm... nothing obvious in the RPT either. You mentioned removing APCs and tanks with success... is the OPFOR AA unit the only one that seems to still spawn? ie: you don't see kart drivers or heli pilots?

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    Not that I have seen but I don't have a ton of time spent on the map and each time it was from the air in a helicopter, so kind of tough to see the exact unit type. Basically each time I got shot down by an AA I'd log off, scour the config viewer/a3 asset listing on the wiki. I did think about blacklisting everything except one unit type to see if I could be successful in that, but that's a bit more of an undertaking. I also didn't see what type of AA unit killed me each time that I was shot down, but I for sure saw it coming from infantry at least once - even after adding it to the blacklist.

    I also noticed some messages relating to O_Soldier_AA_F in the .RPT.

    : 19:49:24 soldier[O_Soldier_AA_F]:Some of magazines weren't stored in soldier Vest or Uniform?

    Would that be expected even for a blacklisted unit?

    Also, does blacklisting a unit also remove it from a group? I thought that I had APCs blacklisted because normally when I'd start the game there would be lots of tanks and APCs leaving from my base. After blacklisting I was only seeing infantry running out from my base. Just now I saw an AMV-7 Marshall on my side which I have blacklisted (B_APC_Wheeled_cannon_F) as a vehicle. Is it because I missed a group that spawns an AMV-7?

  6. Good question actually.. I'll see if I can point a dev to this thread for an answer.

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    I have the same problem, both on the previous and the current version ( of alive.

    I've been able to run the scenario, fly around in a helicopter until I get shot at, visually check where the rocket was coming from, enable teleporting, teleport right next to where the rocket came from and verify it was an infantry "missile specialist (AA)".

    I have used both the initialization field in the editor and the suggested staticData.sqf file given as an example on the wiki edited to include AA units. Unlike BigBird, I only excluded AA infantry (which is why I confirmed the rocket launch was from infantry).

    The line from the init field is as follows:


    This is copied and pasted into ALIVE_civ_placement, ALIVE_mil_placement, and ALIVE_mil_cqb.

    My init.sqf and staticData.sqf, which I added when the init lines on those modules didn't seem to cut it, are copy and pasted from the alive wiki, with the addition of the following lines under ALiVE_MIL_CQB_UNITBLACKLIST and ALiVE_PLACEMENT_UNITBLACKLIST


    I notice the following line in the rpt, which is repeated many times for a small handful of types:

    15:30:22 soldier[O_Soldier_AA_F]:Some of magazines weren't stored in soldier Vest or Uniform?

    so I assume that's implying that it is indeed spawning O_Soldier_AA_F despite it being on the blacklist.

  8. highhead

    13 Apr 2015 Administrator


    The info on the Wiki is a bit outdated! I am sorry for that!
    Please use those blacklist variables. Put the ones you need in the init field of the "ALiVE require"-modules init field (or any modules init field, i prefer this to have it in this):

    Define your custom strategic house classes for CQB (rest will be regular houses): ALiVE_MIL_CQB_CUSTOM_STRATEGICHOUSES (edited)

    Exclude custom unit classes from CQB:

    Exclude custom unit classes from beeing spawned in CIV/MP Modules:

    Avoid some vehicle classes to beeing spawned by CIV/MP Modules:

    Avoid certain group classes of beeing created by CIV/MIL MP modules:

    Example (don't use the classes below, should only be an example):
    ALiVE_MIL_CQB_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["O_G_soldier_AA","O_G_soldier_AA_1"]; ALiVE_PLACEMENT_CUSTOM_UNITBLACKLIST = ["O_G_soldier_AA","O_G_soldier_AA_1"];

  9. Thanks for the help, that seems to work. Excited to get going with a bit more survivability in the air.

    For anyone else browsing this thread, this is the line I ultimately used in ALiVE(Required) init:


    I can confirm that just the first two statements aren't enough, and blacklisted individuals will still be spawned as part of groups that include them unless you blacklist the group too. I was able to get a listing of the group names from grp_a3.pbo in the @alive\addons directory.

  10. Great thanks for reporting back

  11. Friznit

    16 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I'll update the wiki. Thanks for the feedback!

  12. 5 years ago

    Desired Outcome:
    I am trying to prevent any CUP Takistan Army and Militia AA Units from being spawned in my current mission.

    Methods I've Attempted:
    Most recently I have used the above mentioned method - ie. pasting the following into the init field of the ALiVE Required module;


    I have also attempted to use the script method - ie. calling from the init.sqf;

    //--- ALiVE Unit/Group Blacklist
    spawn compile preprocessFile "scripts\staticData.sqf";

    Which then calls the following script, "staticData.sqf"

    //--- ALiVE Custom Blacklist
    //--- Source: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Custom_Blacklists
    waitUntil {!isnil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED"}:

    The number of AA spawned is greatly diminished - ie. ghosting about and teleporting from unit to unit does not show any AA units. However, as soon as a take off and fly about, Igla AA missiles start flying in.

    The only factions that are in the mission are the CUP Takistani Army and MIlitia units - neither of those factions use vehicles with AA missiles. AA guns like the Ural and Static ZSU-23 are fine, I'm just trying to remove guided AA missiles.

    Any thoughts? Anything I am obviously overlooking?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. That seems odd.. if you are teleporting around and not seeing AA guys I don't see how flying around would be any different...

    It's possible vehicle guys are spawning with Iglas... ie: if there is a motorized group it might contain AA guys... try limiting the spawns to infantry only and see if that gets rid of it

  14. It's possible vehicle guys are spawning with Iglas... ie: if there is a motorized group it might contain AA guys

    I thought of that as well ... plunked down all of the groups (motorized / mechanized) in the editor last night and had a look ... not one Igla in the mix.

    A thought I just had ... do I also need to specify what groups not to spawn in the CQB module? In my above example I only specify groups in the GROUPBLACKLIST.

    Is it possible that GROUPBLACKLIST only applies to military and military / civilian placement modules but not the CQB ones?

    Other thought ... I have two CBQ modules in my mission - one specifying civilian placements and the other specific to strategic locations. Is it possible that that is causing an issue?

    Sorry to throw all these questions at once, I've been trying to resolve this for more than a week now.


  15. highhead

    3 May 2016 Administrator

    Can you please upload a mission somewhere with only ALiVE, CUP and CBA which demonstrates the issue (somewhat) and I will take a look at it!

    Thanks Comrade

  16. I will do that tonight and get back to you when that's done.

    Thanks again.

  17. A thought I just had ... do I also need to specify what groups not to spawn in the CQB module? In my above example I only specify groups in the GROUPBLACKLIST.

    If you are running CQB then yes

  18. If you are running CQB then yes

    Many thanks that was the fix ... I needed to add the two group names to the ALIVE_MIL_CQB_CUSTOM_UNITBLACK entry as well. Now there are no AA Missile units on the map - it makes flying much easier.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    My final code block that I put in the init field of the ALiVE Required module looks like this;

  19. Thanks for sharing the solution :)

  20. Thanks added that snippet to the wiki - it's a fairly common question


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