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AliVE War Room

ALiVE captures data about the state of the current session for all AI units, players and the tactical situation. There are two main uses for the Data module. Firstly, it provides a link to the online War Room where mission data is published for review, including statistics, server monitoring and After Action Reviews. Secondly, the module enables multi-session persistence by storing mission data on the local machine or via an easy-to-use cloud service.

ALiVE Data works on both Windows and Linux servers. There are optional pbo's included for server admins to autostart data in all missions, even if the data module is not placed.

  • Mission Persistence requires the ALiVE Data module to be placed and can store persistence data either locally or in the cloud. To use cloud persistence you require a free War Room account.

  • ALiVE Stats requires the ALiVE data module to be placed and records player stats and after action reviews to the ALiVE War Room. This requires a free War Room account.

Dedicated Servers

ALiVE was built to run on a dedicated server but will work just as well in single player. However, hosted multiplayer can sometimes cause unexpected results so we recommend setting up a "local dedicated server" instead. We have provided some guidance for setting up local dedicated servers here.

Local Databases

ALiVE provides the option to store mission data locally using in-built Arma 3 functionality - without the need for a local database. Support for local instances of CloudDB is now deprecated.