Military Placement (Civilian Objectives)

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Part of:
Icon mil opcom.png ALiVE Military
Requirements: Synced
Icon mil opcom.png Military AI Commander
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How It Works

The Military Placement (Civilian Objectives) module works almost identically to other Military Placement modules but instead of purely military objectives it creates a list of civilian infrastructure targets such as Power Stations and Ports. It will also place roadblocks at intersections and choke points around the map.


Place the Military Civilian Placement module in the editor. Optional parameters are the same as Military Placement (Military Objectives) module.


  • Objective Type Filter can be used to limit objectives to a specific type of infrastructure target.
  • Roadblocks will determine the probability of defensive road blocks being placed around key civilian objectives.
  • Sea Patrols will determine the probability of surface and subsurface naval units being placed around key maritime objectives.

TAOR & Blacklists

Tactical Areas Of Responsibility are a fundamental feature of Mil Civ Placement. They represent a zone or boundary area for which the commander is responsible. This does not mean the commander will never leave that zone to attack nearby opposition but his primary objectives will be inside the defined TAOR.

To restrict objectives to a user-defined TAOR, place a named area marker covering the chosen area and add it to the appropriate TAOR box in the module params. A good convention is to use the format TAOR_Faction_xx (e.g. TAOR_BLUE_1). Multiple areas can be listed separated by commas e.g. TAOR1, TAOR 2, TAORxx. Ensure the marker area covers at least one military establishment, otherwise Mil Placement will throw up an error.

Blacklisted areas will be ignored and can be defined using area markers with the name specified in the module params, for example BL_Faction_xx (e.g. BL_R_1). If TAOR and BL area markers overlap, Blacklist always takes precedence.

See the TAOR guide for further info.

Editor Notes

It is NOT possible to define custom start locations for Mil Placement to spawn AI. Units always require some kind of building within their TAOR. If you want to populate an empty area of the map a good work around is to place high priority custom objectives so OPCOM immediately sends units to those locations after game start.