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ALiVE Common Error Messages

I get this message when trying to use the Alive mod

include file x cba addons main script_macros.hpp not found

You are missing the required mod: @CBA_A3

I'm getting an error with placement modules and markers

Warning no location found for placement, you need to include military location within the TOAR marker

Try the placement module without any TAOR marker defined and with debug switched on in the module, once the game starts take a screen shot of the map so you can see what locations are available over the whole map. Then place your TAOR marker (making sure the marker covers the center point of an existing location from you screen shot). Alternatively expand the size of your TAOR marker until some location is found.

Mission takes a very long time to load

ALiVE initialisation time depends on the size of the map, number of objectives and Placement modules you have. On very large and complex missions it can take up to 15 minutes on the loading screen. Try filtering out the small and low priority objectives.

Infinite Load Screen

This is typically caused by one of the following:

1. Modules are not synced correctly. Ensure ALiVE modules are properly synced (F5) in the editor and not Grouped (F2). The editor loves to group modules so always double check.

2. The Virtual AI Commander (OPCOM) cannot find any groups in the addon faction config. Check that the AI Commander has at least one Placement module with the same faction in the override box, the classname is spelt correctly and the addon is in the list of Supported Factions.

3. The Virtual AI Commander (OPCOM) cannot find any objectives on the map or within the TAOR. Try expanding the TAOR and use debug on the Placement modules to check some objectives show. Check that the map is in the list of Supported Maps. Note that sometimes maps are updated and the indexing is out of date.

4. Troubleshooting: if in doubt, always test with vanilla factions (e.g. OPF_F and BLU_F) and ideally a vanilla map (e.g. Altis) to rule out any issues with your ALiVE installation or setup.

Persistence isn't working

1. For full mission persistence via the War Room, check that you having @ALiVEServer and have set up your server details as per the instructions in your group's server profile page.

2. When saving the mission, you must use the "Server Save & Exit" button. Do not Abort or do #missions, as this exits too quickly for ALiVE to gather the data. If in doubt, it's sometimes worth having the admin manually save his profile before quitting.

3. When restarting the server, it sometimes helps to wait a few minutes on the map screen for all the scripts (including any other mods) to initialise before joining the game.

4. Note that vehicles are only saved after a player "get out" event. Objects are only saved after they are moved around with Logistics Support.