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ALiVE Combat Support Tablet object classname: ALiVE_Tablet

ALiVE Player Support modules provide a suite of tools for players to use for Command & Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance functions. Together with Combat and Logistics support, this gives players an unprecedented level of control over the operational environment. Controlled via an intuitive interface, ALiVE Support is fully integrated with the War Room allowing group commanders to control missions in real time and conduct detailed after action reviews.

  • Command & Control (C2ISTAR) A comprehensive suite of Player Commander tools including Operational Command, Control, Intelligence, Group Management and Military Logistics.

  • Combat Support A powerful support console allowing players to request AI combat support including helicopters, fast air and artillery.

  • Logistics Support Fully persistent system for player logistics including lifting, towing and moving vehicles, cargo, ammo crates and other objects.

  • Multispawn is a unique player respawn utility for ALiVE, which allows mission editors to define advanced player respawn types including a fully immersive helicopter insertion.

  • Player Options provides optional settings for adjustable View Distance, Crew Info, Player Tags and Player Persistence.

Editor Notes

Player Persistence is a single session utility that will save player information for that play session only. This is useful for recovering from client crashes or joining the same mission in progress but it won't persist if the server or mission is restarted unless it is linked to the ALiVE War Room.