Vehicles falling from the sky

  1. last year

    Something I noticed recently but I'm not sure if it's always been that way, but when ambient civilian vehicle spawn, they're now dropping out of the sky. Has it always been like that and I haven't noticed? Is there a reason for it?

    I'm fairly sure it's a new thing because it was super obvious when it was happening to us the other night. Has anyone else noticed it?

  2. Friznit

    4 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Which map?

  3. GunnyDev

    4 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Im guessing Malden.

  4. Initially Diyala with a heavily modded missions, but I've also seen it on Altis with zero mods

  5. I am getting the same issue.

  6. @papazulu01 I am getting the same issue.

    What map? Are you seeing this without mods other than CBA and ALiVE? Do you have a repro mission you can share?

  7. I have had this on Stratis Altis and Tanoa when testing the modules. No other mods except Alive, CBA and eden enhanced ( I hadn't used any aspect of the latter though)

  8. @papazulu01 I have had this on Stratis Altis and Tanoa when testing the modules. No other mods except Alive, CBA and eden enhanced ( I hadn't used any aspect of the latter though)

    Mission please. I'll also need the steps needed to see vehicles falling out of the sky.

    Also I want to make sure you're not referring to Military Logistics replacement vehicles being dropped in by parachute, as this is not a bug.

    What's happening exactly? Are these ambient vehicles from the Civilian Placement or Military Placement Military Objective module?

  9. Its not a mission specific thing, I suspect it may be more a location specific thing. ie I suspect it happens more in certain locations. Camp Rogain was one where it was happening when I tried to make this a marker set military objective.
    Ill need to try it making sure there are no ambient vehicles and give you a more specific and bare bones setup to reproduce it. I'm not sure if I isolated it to happening without ambient vehicles so Ill try that first.

  10. I should add that his was not replacement vehicles as it always happened right at the start as things were spawning.

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    The more info the better. If it can't even seen it can't be fixed. But yeah if you narrow it down, especially with ALiVE and CBA only, I'll verify and pass it along.

    A mission would be great as well.

    Another question, you say they are falling from the sky. Is that what you mean or are they basically just exploding because they're spawning ontop of map objects?

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    I believe it's when the ambient civilian vehicles are spawned as I've only ever seen unmanned civilian vehicles do this. We've seen it on Diyala and Altis, both modded and unmodded.

  13. What do you mean? Like falling from a million miles in the air and BAM into the ground?

  14. Tupolov

    12 Jul 2017 Administrator

    I believe this could be where Vehicles are placed and they intersects with other objects, causing said vehicles to launch into the air.


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    I don't think so, I've only seen them coming straight down. It's as if they're being spawned with +100 on the z axis.

    I've got footage somewhere, I'll try and find it and upload it. But you should be able to see if if you set up civilian ambient vehicles and drive around

  16. Can you repro this with ALiVE and CBA only?

  17. I think the best way to reproduce this is set civilian ambient vehicles to max and fly around altis.

    That's when I see this happening.

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    This was with just the ALiVE required, Virtual AI, Civ Pop and placement modules. No mods loaded just CBA and ALiVE. It's easy to reproduce, I'm surprised everyone hasn't noticed it.

    Everything set to default except Max ambient vehicles and a 200m spawn radius.
    I've seen them dropping from much higher too

  19. Tupolov

    13 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Thanks for the report!

  20. Someone created a GitHub issue for this at . :)

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