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    @Burdy323 How are you able to tell which object is causing the CTD? I've been having some indexing issues lately, so decided to try and index something simple and small just to make sure my tools are still working. I tried indexing the Carraigdubh terrain, and after the 4th object in the categorization UI, I crash. The rpt doesn't specify which object is giving me issues.

    Though perhaps it's this 4th object itself causing the crash. Who's a farmhouse which I select to be a civ and civ spawn building and after I select that, when it's about to cycle to the next object, I CTD.

    This map also has two equally sized PBO's so I know what you mean about not being sure which to select. I know the map is small, but the main PBO only has 32 eligible objects to categorize making me wonder if the other PBO has important buildings in it or something too...

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    This is the indexing folder incase it helps:

    And the rpt and other session crash dump files:

  4. For me, the object would momentarily pop up before it crashed - so I got a glimpse.. I couldn't find anything in the RPT myself, either.

    Also, be sure to manually blacklist the object in the static data for the map after you complete the object sorting - as I had an issue where the map would crash on a dedi when I only put the blacklist in the Alive blacklist.

  5. Suonkomar Sahav index :

  6. @Burdy323 Do you have any other indexes of the new Iron Front maps? Or of Tarawa from Face of War?

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    I'd LOVE to index Tarawa, but it appears they have encrypted their PBO's, as whenever I try to open them with DeWrp/PBO Manager I get a message telling me that the PBO is obfuscated.

  8. : Neaville (summer)

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    Great job @Burdy323, added both indexes. :)

  10. @Burdy323 greatly appreciate you indexing all of the WW2 maps

  11. Alright, so..

    The guys from Faces of War personally ran deWRP for me and gave me a WRP_Objects text file for the map. How would I get ALIVE to recognize this, and proceed to the object categorize portion? Currently, I cannot reach that as the program is still insistent on running deWRP for its own defined PBO (which is not possible, as the one I have is still encrypted). - the objects for the map as defined by the dev's deWRP.

  12. @Tupolov @marceldev89 ?

  13. If you place the file objects.fow_map_tarawa.sqf in the @ALiVE\indexing\fow_map_tarawa\x\alive\addons\fnc_strategic\indexes\ folder the plugin should detect it and skip the DeWrp process.

  14. Did that initially and it does not work - skips the Object Categorization process and goes straight to indexing without any objects defined

  15. So it does skip the DeWrp process? Did you set the "Object Categorization" option in the indexing module to enabled?

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    Yeah, Leaving Object Categorization on yes in this case doesn't run deWRP, but goes straight into generating sector data

  17. In the meantime :

    Merderet V2 index

  18. @Friznit

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    @Burdy323 you're on fire! Good work!

  20. @Burdy323 Yeah, Leaving Object Categorization on yes in this case doesn't run deWRP, but goes straight into generating sector data

    Can you get the me the RPT file and the log in the indexing folder from a session where it does what you're describing?

  21. Here ya go


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