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The Military modules are the heart of ALiVE and provide a simple yet highly flexible tool for creating almost any scenario. Military modules require the Virtual AI module to be present.

Military Placement & Objectives

Vcb briefing.jpg

  • Military IED Threat Provides an ambient IED and VB-IED threat. Alternatively, syncing this module to a Military AI Commander set to Asymmetric allows for a more realistic simulation of IED tactics, taking the IED all the way from the factory floor, to the hands of a collaborator, to a roadside.

Operational Command & Logistics

  • Military AI Commander The Military AI Commander, also commonly referred to as an OPCOM, or Operational Commander, orders AI groups to attack and defend objectives or conduct insurgency operations.

  • Military Logistics The battlefield logistics system maintains the operational effectiveness of combat units. Military AI Commanders will utilize the logistics system to call for battle casualty replacements and resupply. Players can access the same system to request their own additional resources using Player Combat Logistics .

  • Military AI Skill Provides a feature to define AI Skill as per the BI Wiki. Note: this may conflict with other third party addons that affect AI Skill.

See Also

  • TAOR A short explanation of how Tactical Areas of Responsibility work in conjunction with ALiVE Military.