1.0.5 Released!

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    5 May 2016 Administrator
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    In case you didn't notice yet. Tup's slacking.

    Also just updating Steam so should be up in a sec.

  2. GunnyDev

    5 May 2016 Administrator

    Is in PWS yet?

    What about ArmAholic?

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    In PWS .Good work Friznit. Congratulations

  4. Intel on dead bodies for the win. :)

  5. Perfect timing, I just uploaded a mission to my server last night for testing and release for the weekend.
    Now I can pull out the intel scripts tonight, replace all my modules and still be ready to go.

  6. Yeah, I saw the FB post earlier, was waiting for it to hit. At least I managed to get on my server and do a Server Save before the auto-update hit.

    I had never seen the map Saint Kapaulio before. good to see that it is indexed. I think I have a new playground :D Maybe some Abu Sayyaf rebels in Phillipines? Maybe PLA Invasion of S. Chine Sea?

    I'm going to have to play with it some :D

  7. Wow yeah I hadn't seen Saint Kapaulio either. That looks great! I think that might have to be my groups next deployment after we insert freedom into Takistan

  8. Yes! been waiting for this, thank you ALiVE team! :)

  9. Nice ALiVE team!

    Looking forward to test the new version. Damn shame won't be able to do that already today but only 20h from here. Eeh well, will have more time then any way :)

  10. So with the Intel on dead bodies thing, what are the rough percent chances between seldom and often? 10% seldom and 20% often or something like that?

  11. Tupolov

    6 May 2016 Administrator

    5% and 10%

  12. @JD_Wang I think that might have to be my groups next deployment after we insert freedom into Takistan


  13. Edited 3 years ago by GhostNI

    Does intel work in asymmetric warfare? How do i activate it or is it automatically on.

    Also what does this mean in the changelog?
    Can i blacklist a certain group in a faction? Ie the 8 man groups in leights opfor insurgents?
    Please say yes and tell me how to do it :)

  14. Edited 3 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    Intel only works on asymm. Activate it via the Military AI Commander module for the insurgent faction

  15. Edited 3 years ago by GhostNI

    Thanks will try later :)
    Do you know what that changelog means that I posted above spyder?

  16. Edited 3 years ago by SpyderBlack723

    It is an array of groups that is blacklisted from spawning. Must be set on the server.


  17. So after quickly reading through that am i right in thinking as a way to spawn smaller groups i can blacklist a whole group, say the 8-10 man groups for LOP_AM.
    Im trying to have the smaller 2-4 man available groups of insurgents running around.

  18. I had mine set to often last night and was teleporting around the map "testing" Massi's taliban in Kunduz. I never saw any intel as such, even with it set at often and eventually I ran out of targets. Am I looking for cellphones/documents or something else?

    I did see a red dot map marker pop up at one stage showing an IED location but I don't know if that was just because I had debugging on or not.

    I also ran into this error message but only once.

  19. can you post your rpt please?

  20. @JD_Wang

    Pretty positive that's the error that seems to correlate with my CAF woes (it's not the only thing causing the woe-train though :) ). Thanks for posting it back here.

    The Intel shows up as a physical item on the ground in the game world. For instance a document laying on the ground. Get near it and open your action menu and you'll see an option that says "Intel."

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