VCom and ALiVE

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  2. 7 years ago

    I've noticed that sometimes slung-loaded vehicles like mech/motorized infantry units will stop moving once they've been spawned from being virtualized. Looking at the operations in C2ISTAR, they still have a waypoint, but refuse to move. If you re-apply the waypoint (without changing it), they will resume movement. It may have something to do with VCOM driving, or maybe the way BiS spawns in these types of units.

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    @loderunner71 It might be useful if you could test the same setup without any AI mods incase an ALiVE function needs a touch up.

  4. 6 years ago

    How are people running Vcom on their servers? Are you using the userconfig or just running the mod directly?

  5. We are running the script package as it functions better for us so we have the userconfig folder in there as well.

  6. I recommend running VCOM in script form on the server. Dominic, the creator of VCOM, has mentioned to me several times that VCOM adds nothing if it is run client side so as long as the server has're good to go.

    It's also very easy to adjust settings in the default settings.sqf within the mission folder AND it cuts down on mod dependencies as well.

    @Opendome I put together a VCOM specific OPFOR pack as well that takes advantage of the static weapon placement and explosive placement features of VCOM. It's in my Steam Workshop (AuburnAlumni on Steam)

  7. Hmm where can I get the script form? Right now Im jsut running the mod only on the server (not client side) One weird thing Ive noticed and I'm not sure if its the factions or vcom but some of the AI will just stand there or fire with their weapons put their weapons will be at ease?

  8. I'm not sure if this is a vcom issue or an alive issue. AI troops are disembarking including the gunner from motorized and mechanized infantry. the VCOM thread didn't have any similiar answers.

  9. @Opendome you cab get the script version by downloading from the BI forum OP post.

    Vcom post

  10. When ALiVE spawns units in an already occupied town or placement can they be given a Hold waypoint command? That type of waypoint does wonders with vcom allowing Vcom to garrison buildings.

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    Hi longtime lurker here
    Can anyone confirm that NOAI and NOPATHING solutions actually work for the pilot issues and it's not just my code?

         { _x setVariable ["VCOM_NOPATHING", true];
           _x setVariable ["NOAI", true]; 
         } forEach (crew _x);
       } forEach (vehicles select {_x isKindOf 'Air'});
    }, 1, []] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler;

    Based on what I've read on the net and the documentation, this is supposed to work. It seems to too initially but after about ten(ish) minutes or so I see some move waypoints on the map and my CAS and transports flying towards them. This is with just ALiVE, CBA, and VCOM AI.
    Oops looks like I forgot Unit after NOPATHING

    Also found that there seems to be a difference with Github and non github versions where it is NOAI from github and VCOM_NOAI if not from github

  12. Does anyone know how to prevent friendly AI from stealing your vehicles?

  13. @Opendome Does anyone know how to prevent friendly AI from stealing your vehicles?

    We make all our vehicles locked via ACE then give everyone a masterkey.

  14. Thanks! Yea thats what I ended up doing as well, one odd thing is that I synced all our vehicles to the ace lock module but all vehicles seem to be locked regardless if they are synced to the module or not?

  15. VCOM seems a little busted and broken with the latest release. AI instant detection issues, annoying grand theft auto tendencies with vehicles, stuck AI. I noticed in the notes for the last ALiVE release that VCOM compatibility is mentioned, but CAS and transport vehicles still fly away. Anybody else having these issues?

    Currently having better luck with ASR, but I do miss the platoon level AI strategy that VCOM brings, as well as the IDF abilities, better vehicle driving, and other things. Kind of waiting around for the next release to fix a lot of these issues, although I'm not sure when that's coming as I seem to recall him saying it might be that last release for a bit :/

  16. I was just going to say I have the same issues, I just used ACE locking system to keep them from jumping in our vehicles but helicopters still fly away randomly, tell them to rtb and it says that they are but they go off in the middle of nowhere and hover, and stuff like that. I tried it with/without

    [{{Driver _x setvariable ["NOAI",true];} foreach (vehicles select {_x isKindOf 'air'});}, 1, []] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler;

    but seems that it still happens?

  17. I'm using VCOM 2.92 on dedicated as a script with the fix in the forums. It's very much the same as reported, lots of vehicle theft etc, also tend to notice AI pathing seems to be wierd: the group leader rmeains still, the section patrols around him, along with errors about cycling waypoints on no waypoints or WP 0. Difficult to see if it's vcom or alive or what, just watching the thread.

  18. There's an option in the userconfig to turn off vehicle stealing, while it's a nice idea I've just found it better to turn it off.

    I'm also keeping an eye on this thread as I've seen some weird crap going on since the last update. AI just standing there while I walk up to them and shoot them in the face, only then do their squad mates decide I'm a threat. Never consistant though so it's hard to track.

  19. i'm still playtesting it on dedicated, I really can't say that either are conflicting. VCOM definitely runs, since the GTA vehicle theft, is often hilarious (one enemy guy stole a humvee 10m behind me, quite the genius) Vehicle theft is like ACE medical, great idea until you realise its changing the entire game. I've not seen any gamebreaking unplanned features though, so it's staying in, but I'll remove vehicle theft.

  20. Oh yea I can confirm Vcom runs fine but the aircraft is the only weird thing I notice. Theyll randomly take off and fly west, sometimes when on tasking theyll start flying as high as they can. Sometimes they derp out and go to the wrong location. Sometimes they wont RTB, etc

  21. Have noticed several instances of the AI running away from contact IF you punch enough rounds down range to suppress them initially and then keep the rate of fire relatively high. However they tend to start calling in IDF and reinforcements a little quicker in those instances because they think you are a heavier group than them.

    I watched one of our small patrols do that in our ALiVE deployment (they were a 4 man patrol) and each person dumped probably 3-5 mags or 2-3 belts of RPK ammo with the intent of forcing the AI into suppression on my requests...they were then overwhelmed by the response they recieved about 5 minutes later from the AI.

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